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 Served with Mexican rice & refried beans.
EL GRANDE PLATTER. One ground beef enchilada, one cheese enchilada, one tamale & one chile relleno stuffed with beef & cheese.
Shredded chicken enchiladaCovered with sour cream sauce.  
Ground beef enchilada. Covered with red sauce.
Cheese enchilada. Covered with cheese sauce.
Vegetable enchilada. Covered with ranchero sauce 
Tomatillo enchilada. Shredded chicken enchilada covered with green chili sauce.
Texas style enchilada. Cheese enchilada covered with red sauce.
Spinach or vegetable enchilada covered with ranchero sauce.
Cheese enchilada covered with cheese sauce.
Taco. Shredded chicken with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes. Crispy or soft.
Pork Tamal. Covered with red sauce.
Small Burrito. Shredded chicken, ground beef or cheese burrito covered with green chili sauce.